Click for more information on Dalemedia's Facebook Business Page Package!
Click for more information on Dalemedia's Facebook Business Page Package!

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Author: Mark Birkett

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Facebook has become the Web phenomenon of the 21st Century. Almost a fifth of humanity now uses it - and more join every month. Whilst you may have doubts about revealing personal information on Facebook, putting your business on it is a must.

But why?

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Why should I have a Facebook Business Page?

There are a number of very good reasons:

Firstly, simply by having a Facebook Business Page, you have increased your 'web footprint'. Exactly as with your main website, you can add your logo and your contact details in order to advertise your products and services to anyone who happens by your Facebook page itself.

Secondly, since Facebook has its own internal search engine, your business page can help to generate new leads from Facebook user's search queries. In short, you have created another route for potential customers to find you.

Thirdly, you can also make use of Facebook's 'social networking' features, such as allowing visitors to leave comments, posting their 'likes' to friends and contributing to the 'conversations' you and your other customers are having. All this engenders a real sense of 'community' and 'authority' for your brand within your industry.

But that's not all; your Facebook Business Page also helps with 'Search Engine Optimisation' (SEO) on your main website as well...

How does having a Facebook Business Page help with SEO?

As you may already know from our articles on inbound linking and keyword research, the biggest single contributor to your 'visibility' in search engines is the number, quality and relevance of your website's inbound links. And since Google enjoys some 85% of the UK's search traffic, it's Google we aim to please most.

OK, but how does Facebook help to 'please' Google?

Google's algorithm is based on the 'Wisdom Of Crowds' philosophy. When Google 'sees' that lots of people have linked to your web pages from external sites like Facebook, it assumes your website must have something worthwhile on it.

And since Google has but one aim - to provide the most relevant results for a given search query - that new inbound link helps to increase your ranking in its search results pages.

To explain, each inbound link is considered by Google as a 'vote' for your content; so the more you have the better. These inbound links can arrive from all manner of sources, including from 'social media' platforms like Facebook. And since Facebook allows users to create such inbound links simply by 'liking' your web page content, why not harness their help? After all, once your Facebook Business Page is built, you're getting people to help your inbound link count without you having to do anything more.

What other sources of inbound links are there?

There are many possible sources of inbound links. The key ones - including links from Facebook - are listed below.

With Google's 'Wisdom Of Crowds' philosophy, each inbound link to your website can be thought of as a 'vote' for you. And the more 'authoritative' the source of the link (i.e. from the BBC, universites, newspapers etc), the bigger the 'vote' is considered to be.

But how does a Facebook Business Page improve my inbound link count?

Well, firstly, if you allow us to set it up for you, we can apply a small snippet of code to each of your web pages. This code creates the Facebook 'like' button - as shown below:

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From that point on, any Facebook user who chooses to 'like' that page on your site - or indeed any other image, article, video element or animation on it - is instantly advertising that fact to their average of 100+ 'friends' (source: facebook). And since each of those 100+ friends may then choose to like you too, there is a huge potential for 'viral' or 'exponential' marketing of your website.

Do Facebook charge anything to create a Business Page?

No. Facebook do not charge you to set up a Business Page.

But how much does it cost to design a Facebook Business Page?

Whilst it is perfectly possible to create your own Facebook Business Page, you may prefer to let Dalemedia do this for you.

Here's what's included:

  1. We set up your Facebook account
  2. We apply for a 'friendly' Facebook URL (i.e.
  3. We design, upload and test all the artwork for you
  4. If desired, we connect your business mobile number to the account enabling you to upload content directly to / from your mobile.
  5. If desired, we connect your Twitter account to it so that your 'tweets' also appear on your Facebook page

We would then add a Facebook 'like' button to all of your web pages. From that point onwards, the lengthy and often laborious task of creating inbound links has at least partly been handed over to your 'audience'.

For this service we charge an unbeatable £149. For further details, call us on 01706 345648 today!

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