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Click for more information on Dalemedia's Live Chat Package!

ClickDesk "Live Chat" Facility - £249


Author: Mark Birkett

Just like you, your competitors are seeking to attract as much traffic to their websites as they possibly can. But how much of their traffic is actually converted into real customers? And now ask yourself honestly; how many of your site visitors are turning into genuine sales enquiries?

If you have a reasonable ranking in the major search facilities, and can see from your Google Analytics package that you have a healthy number of visitors, how frustrating is it to realise that only a tiny fraction of those visits are turning into genuine sales enquiries? Sure, you may have a great website, and with great products and services on offer, but if your website isn't converting those visits into genuine sales enquiries, what was the point?

The chances are that you have a great many more site visitors than you have new customers. And that's a heck of a waste which you don't need to put up with any longer. We advise all our customers to include an online text-type chat facility on their websites. We do this in conjunction with our partners ClickDesk. We install all the necessary code on your website and then install a simple-to-use administration console on your office desktop.

This brilliant tool allows you to:

Example 'Chat' window on your website
Example 'Chat' window on your website

Example Administration Console on your office desktop 
(NOTE: You can see which page your visitor is looking at in real time)
Example Administration Console on your office desktop
(NOTE: You can see which page your visitor is looking at in real time)

Does having Live Chat mean I have to be online permanently?

No. The software allows you to answer queries whenever you wish. If you are available to offer support, the admin console instantly shows the 'Specialists Available' button. But if you, or your appointed staff, are away from the desk, closed over a weekend, or otherwise unavailable to offer support, you simply click one button on your desktop administration console and the website message is replaced by the 'Specialists Offline' button. However, this still allows visitors to leave a message for you which you can reply to when ready.

OK, but how can my business really make use of Live Chat?

There are lots of scenarios. For example, you could offer existing customers office-hours support or you could offer new site visitors the opportunity to ask you any question about your products and services, thus engaging them in a dialogue which stands a very good chance of converting them into a new customer.

Type-chat conversations are often considerably less intimidating for new visitors than having to call you on the telephone or use your contact form. The customer doesn't feel quite so 'obliged' to you, which can help encourage that initial enquiry.

How will I know when someone is looking at my site?

There are two indicators;

Can the ClickDesk 'chat' facility be branded around my business?

Yes. We will create, upload and test all the necessary branding for you.

How can I justify the set up and ongoing costs of Live Chat?

Our experience shows that visitors can be easily converted into customers by offering this exceptionally powerful facility. And let's be honest, if just one visitor ended up as a customer per week, you might find it has more than paid for itself within less than a month.

OK, but how much does Live Chat cost?

For just £249, we will set up all the necessary code snippets on your website for you. We then create all the necessary imagery to match your business branding. We then install the ClickDesk software on your business desktop.


Summary of adding Live Chat to your website:

This is a proven way to turn all that traffic you have worked so hard to achieve into real bottom line profits. Can you really afford not to try it?

For further details and a comprehensive quotation call us on 01706 345648 today!

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