Click for more information on Dalemedia's YouTube Channel Package!
Click for more information on Dalemedia's YouTube Channel Package!

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Author: Mark Birkett

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YouTube is an extraordinary 21st Century Web phenomenon. From its humble beginnings in 2007, it now has over 800 million unique users each month. And last year, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views. That's around 170 views for every single person on Earth.

For the very first time in history, anyone on Earth can now be a broadcaster exactly like their TV equivalents - despite the lower budgets in most cases! That's a lot of potential power; that's a very big 'reach'; so from a business perspective that's exactly why it's worth your full attention.

OK, so what exactly is YouTube?

At its simplest, YouTube is a server which hosts millions of videos. Once it's been uploaded, anyone's video becomes instantly searchable and instantly viewable by literally millions of people.

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Yes, but why should MY business have a YouTube Channel?

That's easy. Since any one of those millions of viewers could turn out to be watching your video and then choose to become a paying customer, it's an impressively cost-free way to drive new business leads your way. Don't forget, every single week over 100 million people take a 'social action' on YouTube. In other words they choose to:

OK, but does my video have to be professionally-made?

No. You can create a video for your business on simple 'home-quality' equipment. (In fact, an amateur video can sometimes carry a greater air of 'immediacy' and 'authority' than a professional video can. Witness just how many major TV news networks carry video made on cheap mobile devices.and sent in via YouTube).

Alternatively, if appropriate, Dalemedia can create a professional web video for you. We can show off your products and services at their absolute best with stereo sound, narraitive, bulletpoints and titling.

Either way, using simple point-and-click skills the final video can be uploaded to YouTube and be working hard for your business 24/7.

Any other reasons for having a YouTube Channel?


Firstly, simply by having a YouTube Channel, you have increased your 'web footprint'. Exactly as with your main website, you can add your logo and your contact details in order to advertise your products and services to anyone who happens by your YouTube Channel page.

Once it's uploaded, people can choose to view your video, like it, share it and, most importantly, choose to visit your website afterwards because they were so impressed by what you had to offer.

Secondly, since YouTube has its own internal search engine, your YouTube channel can help to generate new leads from YouTube user's search queries. In short, you have created another route for potential customers to find you.

Thirdly, your YouTube business videos can help engender a real sense o ''authority' for your brand within your industry.

Does YouTube charge anything?

No. YouTube do not charge you to set up a channel..

But how much does it cost to design a YouTube channel?

Whilst it is perfectly possible to create your own YouTube channel, you may prefer to let Dalemedia do this for you.

Here's what's included:

  1. We set up your YouTube account
  2. We apply for a 'friendly' YouTube URL (i.e.
  3. We design, upload and test all the artwork for you
  4. We upload any video content for you
  5. We 'embed' your YouTube videos directly into your website pages seamlessly

For this service we charge an unbeatable £149. For further details, call us on 01706 345648 today!

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