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Author: Mark Birkett

Why do I need a hosting package?

A completed website is usually uploaded to a computer - or 'server' - that is permanently connected to the Internet. When people try to look at the website they are in effect asking that computer to 'serve' files to their own laptop or desktop, hence the name 'server'.

Your domain name is (normally) assigned to a server that contains all your website page files such that your website can be viewed when someone types the URL correctly into their web browser.

If you have more than one domain name - for instance www.yourwebsite,co,uk and www.yourwebsite,com - we can always 'point' both names to the same server, thus only having to pay for one hosting package.

Buying a hosting package - from £49 per year

We can accommodate any hosting requirements you may have. We use robust and 100% secure servers to ensure your business website and business emails are never offline. Our servers have a 99.9 % reliability record.

Our £49/yr Standard Hosting Package includes:

Our £120/yr Pro-Business Hosting Package includes:

For further information on hosting, or advice on a bespoke tailored hosting solution, call us today on 01706 345648.

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