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How To Make A Welcome Video For Your Website:


Author: Mark Birkett

"Hey, how was this web video made?"

Thanks for asking! It was actually quite an interesting project in its own right...

First, we used a SONY high-definition camera for the video shoot. This was done against a 'green screen' (made of nothing fancier than green felt stapled to a wall some five feet behind) so that we were able to remove the green shading in post-production using Adobe Premiere. Much as with the weather forecasters on the BBC - with weather charts appearing 'behind' them - this works because (most) people don't have any green pixels in their skin pigment. When you take the green pixels out only the 'actor' is left in view.

Next, the 'virtual' Dalemedia office was created with Swift 3D. Swift allowed us to create the desk, potted plants, chairs, staircase and even the 'humans'. We then created the sense of movement in the room by programming Swift to roam a 'camera' around. We used a timeline of around 7000 frames running at 30 frames per second, hence the movie length of just under four minutes

Finally, we applied a 'pause' at each of the orange screens - placed at various points in the virtual room - such that the green-screen footage appeared to play on top of it. The two pieces of footage were then stitched together along with a stereo soundtrack and some timely bulletpoints to accompany the narrative.

All in all, yes, it was quite a time consuming process. And without access to the 'rendering farms' Hollywood has at its disposal, the final rendering took no less than three full days to complete. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoyed our movie!

Here's how it was all put together:

The five steps to creating your 'hybrid' web video:

The examples below show how the 'rough' framework of almost anything can be 'brought to life' and then have 'green screen' High-Definition (HD) video footage added on top.

Rough frame animation of the 'movie'
Step 1: Swift 3D can be used to create the basic animated '3D world'

A still from the video footage with the 'green screen' still visible behind
Step 2: The HD video footage is then filmed against our 'green screen'

A still from the video footage with the 'green screen' pixels all removed
Step 3: We then remove all the green pixels

The video footage can now be superimposed on the 3D 'virtual world'
Step 4: The video footage can now be superimposed anywhere on our '3D world'

Step 5: The final 'hybrid video' with titling and a stereo soundtrack added

Total added cost = £POA

Summary of how to make a web video:

Of course, we realise that no two web videos, corporate videos, training, sales or presentation videos will be the same. So whatever your needs or aspirations, rest assured that our highly-experienced team can deliver the video results you want.

For further details and a comprehensive quotation call us on 01706 345648 today!

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