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Sales & Training Presentations Using Flash:


Author: Mark Birkett

(See also: PowerPoint Sales & Presentation Tools)

Let's be honest, there are few experiences worse than sitting in some stuffy room watching yet another tedious presentation - with endless bulletpoints appearing on-screen and precious little else to inspire the viewer. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way.

Drive home your message with Adobe Flash:

Dalemedia can build a stunning, fully-interactive multimedia 'Flash' presentation for just about any scenario you can think of. From training room to boardroom; from corporate presentation to sales exhibition; we can create a truly immersive multimedia experience that will delight your intended audience.

We'll include powerful graphic illustrations, animated pie and bar-charts, 3D animations, spoken narrative, stereo soundtracks and even video to really drive home your message.

Leave your audience with something really special:

What's more, we can even create CD-ROM business-card sizes versions that will fit into your wallet and can serve as 'giveaways' to your customer/ trainee after the event or training session. Depending on the number you require, we can get the cost as low as £1 per unit. If you like the idea, we can send you examples via post. Just get in touch using our contact form.


Client examples:

KidsUnlimited Ltd, Alderley Edge, Cheshire:

Click to download the Flash presentation we created for KidsUnlimited (Childcare) Ltd (16.0 Mb)

With numerous high-flying clients of their own, UK childcare providers Kids Unlimited needed a presentation tool that would really deliver a memorable multimedia experience of the company to their potential clients. This presentation tool incorporates a full 30-slide presentation, a CD-quality soundtrack, web and email links plus a 4-minute video. The presentation was then 'burned' onto a neat business-card size CD-ROM to give away to clients afterwards. In other words, the same tool used to deliver a presentation was also the marketing medium.

Click the image to download the 12MB presentation...(requires Flash Player)

CountryWide Freight Group Ltd, Ireland:

Click to download the Flash presentation we created for the Countrywide Freight Group (2.2 Mb - Requires Flash Player)

Countrywide is based in Belfast and Dublin, providing distribution services across the UK and Ireland. Our brief was to deliver a high-impact presentation that could be used both at exhibitions and as a give-away marketing tool for their clients. We incorporated their existing telephone communications system soundtrack into this powerful sales tool. The final result was burned onto a business-card sized CD ROM for the sales team to impress clients.

Click the image above to download the 2MB presentation...(requires Flash Player)

Dalemedia - Training Tools Demonstration:

Click to download our demo Flash Training Presentation (3.0 Mb - Requires Flash Player)

This demo Flash training session is all about "How to Change a Car Tyre". We specialise in creating effective training presentations and learning tools for schools, colleges and employers. Our clients include the UK's Oxford Aviation Academy and Stapleford Flight Centre; two of the world's finest flight training organisations. In both cases, we helped create a learning environment for student commercial pilots.

You may be a school or college wishing to put courses online or onto CD-ROM. Or you may be a business wanting to provide first-class training tools for your organisation. Whatever your needs, we can help you create truly powerful training aids for your employees.

It is well-known that distance learning via online training is a real cost saver for organisations in the 21st Century. We use in-house studios to create instructive narrative and punchy soundtracks. We can create complex 3D imagery and animation to really get the point home to the student or trainee. We can also create interactive question-and-answer sessions at the end of each lesson to test the student/trainee's understanding.

Click the image above to download the 3MB presentation...(requires Flash Player)

Summary of Sales & Training Presentations Using Flash:

Our 'Flash' Sales & Training Presentation Tools start at just £499.00. For further details, call us on 01706 345648 today!

(See also: PowerPoint Sales & Presentation Tools)

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