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Author: Mark Birkett - First published 25th January 2013 (Updated January 2014)

"SEO in Action"

OK, we've submitted our XML sitemap to Google. But we haven't yet focused on whether it's made any difference in Rank Tracker. So let's compare the Rank Tracker results from January 24th with those on January 25th.

Don't forget, these were the keyphrases that we are concentrating on for the time being. So we'll repeat the same exercise we did earlier to see if there's been any improvement yet...

Enter the phrases you want to be found for into SEO Rank Checker

And, to remind you, these were the results we got on January 24th...

Apart from 'Web Designers Manchester', our old website was not even in the top 100 results in Google UK

Now, one day later, we can see a tiny improvement in our performance. These are the results for January 25th...

We can now see a jump of eight places for the phrase 'web designers manchester'. And we have JUST entered the top 100 results for the phrase 'web design manchester'

What's next?

Well, the good news is that our efforts are showing some results, even if they are not particularly exciting yet. And we must remember that an increase in ranking doesn't necessarily translate into a noticeable or immediate increase in site visits.

Submitting your website to other search facilities:

Submitting your new website to other search facilities is also important. This can be a very laborious process - so you do need some patience. However, since Google provides the results for many other well-known 'search brands' you may find that you've already submitted your site to them simply by virtue of being listed in Google.

For example, AOL Search is 'powered' by Google so there's no specific need for us now to add our site to it. And you'll also find that submitting your site to Microsoft's Bing will also include you in Yahoo Search.

OK, so let's now have a look at who else we're going to submit our site to. The facilities below are the major ones you need to consider after Google UK;

Submitting to DMOZ - The Open Web Directory:

DMOZ is a human-monitored directory of the world's websites. It's important to add your site to it because many other search facilities draw upon its data when presenting their search results. Do remember that real human beings are going to examine your website - along with everyone else's - so don't expect overnight results. It may take weeks or even months to see yourself listed in it.

Here's the process:

DMOZ is a human-monitored directory of the world's websites. It's important to add your site to it because many other search facilities draw upon its data when presenting their search results.

Submitting your website to other search facilities:

So the main job now is to tell other search facilities that our website exists and to focus some effort on improving our results for the other phrases we know have potential traffic attached to them. To remind you, here's what Google's Keywords Tool originally told us (these figures will vary from month to month so don't take them as set in stone, but they won't vary that much):

.Geographically-focused & relevant search phrases:

web designers manchester - 8100 UK monthly searches
web design manchester - 14800 UK monthly searches
web design rochdale - 480 UK monthly searches
web design bury - 720 UK monthly searches
web design oldham - 480 UK monthly searches
web design stockport - 590 UK monthly searches
search engine optimisation manchester - 880 UK monthly searches
seo manchester 12100 UK monthly searches

Some non geographically-focused & relevant search phrases:

e-commerce website design - 14800 UK monthly searches
video company - 22200 UK monthly searches
web designers - 201000 UK monthly searches
website design courses - 12100 UK monthly searches
web video - 49500 UK monthly searches
how to design a website - 823000 UK monthly searches

Let's start by focusing some attention on the 'long tail' results using 'web design manchester' as an example. After all, we are based in Rochdale which is in North Manchester. And don't forget, even if there aren't as many searches per month for 'web design manchester (14,800/month), as there are for, say, 'web design' (823,000/month), there is arguably a higher chance that the person using that as a search will be a 'hotter lead' for us; If for no other reason than people often do like to 'shop local'...

Let's first take a look at the SEO process we used, then we'll check our SEO rankings for that phrase over a period of weeks >>

For any further information, please do call us on 01706 345648 (Mon-Fri, 09.00 - 17.00)

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