Click for more information on Dalemedia's Web Design Training Courses!
Click for more information on Dalemedia's Web Design Training Courses!

One-to-One, Personalised, Web Design Course - 4 Days / £599:


Author: Mark Birkett

(See also: Web Marketing & SEO Course)

Designing a website is a fascinating business. That's why we love it. And maybe you'd love it too. Perhaps you've long harboured ambitions to become a professional web designer yourself. Or perhaps you'd simply like to be better informed about what your web design agency is doing on your behalf. If so, this is the course for you.

We can tailor our course to your skills level, your time constraints and your budget.

Web Design Courses - Manchester, Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Oldham, Stockport:

Courses are normally held within a 30-mile radius of Manchester and based on 'one-to-one' tuition held at your home or office premises. However, we are very happy to travel further distances where required. We can also accommodate up to four students for an additional fee of £49 / person / day. If a suitable venue is not available, we can arrange alternative classroom space elsewhere.

Web Design Course - 4 Days for £599 - with Dalemedia

Web Design Course - 4-day Course - £599:

This modular course was written specifically for students aiming to attain a high standard of design expertise such that have the best chance possible of pursuing a career in the web-design industry.

Web Design Course - Skills Required:

If you are able to send emails and browse the Web then you already have the basic skills necessary for this course. A good 'eye' for design is also an advantage although all aspects of design are discussed at length in the course. It also helps if you can tell 'good design', from 'bad design'. After all, most of us have seen plenty of examples of both.

Web Design Course - Duration:

We normally expect students with little, or no, previous experience to take around 32 hours to complete the course. It is broken down into several modules and thus can be completed around your work and leisure schedule on an ad hoc basis on application.

However, to ensure consistency and maintain continuity, we recommend completing the course as 4 consecutive daily sessions of 8 hours each. Alternatively, we can break this down into one day per week for four consecutive weeks. Other timescale arrangements can be agreed to suit you.

Web Design Course - 'Style':

We are firm believers in students getting as much 'hands-on' experience as possible. Some modules are delivered as PowerPoint slides, others as book references However, our course is designed to provide you with plenty of time to practice what you've learned at each stage.

Web Design Course - Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will:

Web Design Course - Requirements:

The course is designed around the Microsoft Windows operating system and the IBM-compatible PC (rather than the Apple Macintosh). You will therefore need a suitable Windows PC or laptop. All software for the course will be provided and installed on your machine for you. However, these will be 30-day trial copies. After 30 days, if you wish to continue using the software, you will need to purchase the software yourself separately.

Whilst newer software versions are obviously being published regularly, for the sake of ongoing course consistency we will be using:

Hosting & Domains:

Part of the course involves creating and uploading web pages. We will provide you with dedicated webspace for this purpose during the course. However, if you wish to have your own domain (i.e. and your own web hosting package, Dalemedia would charge £15 every 2 years and £49 every year for this respectively.

Web Design Course - Structure:

The course is based on one-to-one tuition and covers the following subjects in two distinct halves;

Part 1:

Part 2:

Web Design Course - Timescales:

Depending on your aptitude and experience some modules may take longer than others, but we always strive to work around the student’s ability, pace and needs at all times. For continuity, ideally your course modules are best to be completed within no more than a two to four week period. Above all, we want you to enjoy it!

Web Design Course - Costs:

The complete course for one student costs £599.00. If you want to save money, you can always invite a colleague or friend to join you in sharing the course costs. Each further student (up to a maximum of four) is charged at £49 extra per day. No VAT is applicable.

Web Design Course - Venue & Travel:

We normally hold our courses either in your home or your office premises. However, this is limited to within 30 miles of Manchester. For other venue arrangements please call us.

Web Design Course - Payment Terms:

Payment is split into two halves. We charge 50% in advance, 50% on completion of course.

Web Marketing / SEO / Design Courses - What Our Past Students Say...

"Thank you for your patience and the knowledge you've given me. You're a great web teacher and I've learnt so much from you. THANK YOU!"

Shanly Tan, Mama Tan Spices, Stalybridge, Manchester

"I had a bad experience of web design before and felt like I wasn't being listened to and was unhappy with how my website looked. But I needed something slick and current to market and promote my business and therefore I couldn't give up! Feeling totally overwhelmed and frustrated by the whole concept - after much research I found Mark @ Dale Media. Mark not only listened to what I wanted, he also kept in mind that I am a small business and cost was a huge factor. I am thrilled with the results and I finally have a website I am proud of, not only that, I have learnt so much about web design - I feel in control of my business and excited for its future"

Fiona Maire, Director, PRIDE In People, Cheshire

"I went to Dalemedia because they were the only training company offering personalised tuition. I didn't want to be stuck in a classroom with other students each with different abilities. I wanted a course that would teach me web design and SEO at my own pace and at a reasonable price.. A really enjoyable time. Thanks!"

Rob Mycroft, Ashton Under Lyne

"I learned such a lot on the web design and SEO courses. Mark knows his stuff!"

Andrew Turnbull, Stoke on Trent

"Many thanks again for the SEO and Web Design Course during which I learnt a great deal about both the fundamentals of a well designed website and also how to create such sites using the power of HTML coding. Since your training I have been modifying the site of my own consultancy business to improve the overall style and optimise the download speed despite it remaining a fairly simple site with only six pages"

Stuart Forbes, Knutsford, Cheshire

"Thanks very was a very worthwhile and informative SEO course and enjoyable at the same time. Once again many thanks!"

Paul and Deborah Schofield, Pulsera Boutique, Manchester

(See also: Web Marketing & SEO Course)

Interested? For further details and a comprehensive quotation call us on 01706 345648 today!

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