Click for more information on Dalemedia's Web Video Packages!
Click for more information on Dalemedia's Web Video Packages!

Web Video Packages - £599 / £1,499 / £Bespoke:


Author: Mark Birkett

Why have a Web Video?

With ever-faster broadband connections, web video is becoming increasingly popular on business websites in the UK. After all, a well-produced video allows you to communicate directly to your website visitors in a way that text-only websites simply can't.

Your website video will completely change the way your visitors judge your business. For the first time, you will be able to demonstrate your products or services 'in motion'. And the same video can also be used for in-house training, seminars, exhibitions and CD-ROM giveaways.

Incidentally, if you are ever in doubt about the compelling nature of video, just watch anyone in a public place where a TV screen is situated; at least one eye will always be on the screen.

Television advertisers have known all about the power of video for decades; you should know and use it too. After all, we live in the day and age of YouTube, where any business can now effectively become a 'broadcaster' in their own right.

Web videos from Dalemedia start at just £599!

Are web videos truly effective?

Yes, without doubt. Studies show that end users will retain approximately 80% more of your information if it's presented in video form. (try our assertion yourself as you watch our own Welcome Video)

What's more, a professionally-made video will inspire your customers to buy from you because, at last, they can actually see what you're offering. They'll enjoy a truly immersive multimedia experience of all your business has to offer, which will help to generate more enquiries, leading to more sales and a healthier bottom line.

How does the process of creating a web video work?

Initially, if you are interested, simply call us on 01706 345648. We will then arrange a FREE no-obligation consultation. Once we have fully understood the message you want to get across, we will send you a competitive quotation. If you like our ideas and prices, we will set about scripting, recording, editing and publishing your new video for you.

Scripting / Storyboarding a web video:

The first step is to sit down and discuss a script / storyboard between us, which normally takes just a few hours for most smaller productions. The main purpose is to agree on no more than three or four key messages for the video to convey - trying to tell too many stories in one video is a common mistake. Good planning at this stage saves a great deal of time later on.

Location and filming for your web video:

Then, at a convenient time and place of your choosing, we will complete all the filming. If you and/or your staff are the 'actors' in the show, that's great. Or, where required, we can hire in professional actors and/or voiceover specialists for you. With either approach, we will provide all the necessary crew, cameras and lighting.

Location and filming

Editing your web video:

Once 'in the can', we edit all the footage into a fantastic web video for you. We can include copyright-free music, spoken narrative and superb titling to really drive home your message. All our editing is performed in state-of-the-art studios using the latest industry standard software (Adobe Premiere and After Effects).

Post production/editing

The final video can be burned to a branded DVD, business card CD-ROM or uploaded to your website. If needed, we can also set up a YouTube channel for you.

Start-Up Web Video Package - £599.00:

At its simplest, this option involves a single HD camera and director with up to two 'actors' talking directly to camera. It is sometimes worth setting this up as a 'talking head' shot. Alternatively, we can film it as in an 'interview' format where two 'actors' are discussing the subject at hand.

Either way, this can be done in more or less any location as long as it's quiet and away from rumbling traffic wherever possible. We provide all necessary lighting equipment, cameras and microphones.

Here's what's included:

Total cost = £599.00

Pro-Business Web Video Package - £1,499.00:

With this somewhat more complex option, the video footage itself is shot with Sony's superb HDR AX2000E cameras. We provide two crew members and a second camera. We are also happy to include filming of up to five 'actors' worth of footage in a single day.

Having two cameras allows us to film two different angles during any 'live' performances as well as offering more scope for shooting extra location footage or 'cutaways' for later inclusion, where appropriate. We also allow here for more editing time due to the greater amount of 'actors' footage and the more time consuming titling.

Here's what's included:

Total cost = £1,499.00

Additional options - 'Green Screen':

With either of the above options, it is possible to film the actors against what is referred to as a 'green screen'. This is where a brightly-lit green screen is placed behind the actors during filming and, because the human face has no green pixels in it, we can then subtract the green shade from the footage.

Additional options - 'Green Screen'

This leaves, in effect, a blank space behind into which we can edit in further material 'behind' the actor - much in the same way as we see BBC forecasters deliver their daily weather reports. We can add screenshots of any relevant websites, images, video footage or indeed any other graphical items you wish to really drive home your key message.

As you might imagine, 'green screen' work does take a little more time to set up. The lighting has to be very carefully managed to avoid editing problems later. The extra costs also reflect the fact that the post-production editing will take a little longer to accomplish.

Total added cost = £425.00

Additional options - 'Hybrid' animations plus HD video footage:

If the green screen option above is chosen, another exciting option also becomes available; our 'Video Hybrid' option. This is where we create almost any virtual environment for you and then superimpose HD video footage on it.

For example, you may ask us to create 3D models of a new manufacturing process you've developed. We could use our 3D modelling software to re-create that object to demonstrate how it works. The object or environment can then be viewed from any angle, with animation if desired, camera 'fly-throughs', close-ups, superb special effects and crystal-clear titling. Then, we can film you talking about the process and edit the footage into a final composite production.

The possibilities are almost endless.

The five steps to creating your 'hybrid' web video:

The examples below show how the 'rough' framework of almost anything can be 'brought to life' and then have 'green screen' High-Definition (HD) video footage added on top.

Rough frame animation of the 'movie'
Step 1: Swift 3D can be used to create the basic animated '3D world'

A still from the video footage with the 'green screen' still visible behind
Step 2: The HD video footage is then filmed against our 'green screen'

A still from the video footage with the 'green screen' still visible behind
Step 3: We then remove all the green pixels

The video footage can now be superimposed on the 3D 'virtual world'
Step 4: The video footage can now be superimposed anywhere on our '3D world'

Step 5: The final 'hybrid 'movie' with titling and a stereo soundtrack added

Total added cost = £POA

Summary of web video package:

Of course, we realise that no two web, corporate, training, sales or presentation videos will be the same. So whatever your needs or aspirations, rest assured that our highly-experienced team can deliver the video results you want.

For further details and a comprehensive quotation call us on 01706 345648 today!

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