Click for more information on Dalemedia's Website Support and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Packages!
Click for more information on Dalemedia's Website Support and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Packages!

Why Do I Need A Website Maintenance Package?


Author: Mark Birkett

When it comes to online success, we recognise that designing a great website is by no means the whole story. It's also about maintaining the site's content and having an effective marketing strategy.

Let's first look at success in the major search engines:

Most businesses expect to see their new site appearing in the major search facilities on the Web (like Google, Yahoo and Bing). That's why Dalemedia wants to work with you to make sure your Web strategy really is working for you 24/7.

Let's stop the 'SEO Expert' nonsense...

Whenever you hear a web design company say "don't worry, we'll take care of your search engine optimisation" you should hear alarm bells. Why? Because the plain fact of the matter is, a web marketing / SEO strategy requires both the web design company and the client working together

Both parties need to:

  1. Fully understand and agree what will define 'success'
  2. Agree an SEO strategy with defined goals and timescales
  3. Agree who will be responsible for the various tasks
  4. Agree a regular monitoring and project-management process
  5. React to the information the monitoring process provides

The idea of some 'SEO expert' doing all this on your behalf is, quite frankly, utter nonsense. Unfortunately, in today's online world it's all too prevalent a practice. Businesses all over the UK are often wasting many thousands of pounds on overpriced and often ineffectual "SEO expertise".

There is no 'magic bullet' for SEO success. Like most other worthwhile endeavours in this world, SEO success requires good planning, a fair bit of effort and some patience.

Creating your SEO and marketing plan:

Unlike thousands of so-called "web marketing professionals", we don't try to blind you with science and pretend to work at SEO. We first sit down with you to discuss your marketing goals properly. Then we explain exactly what SEO and Web marketing is all about. We use concrete examples to prove each point so you fully understand what you are paying us to do, and what is reasonable to expect in terms of results.

Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will your 'overnight' web success.

Once you are fully aware what is achievable, and within what timeframes, we pursue an agreed strategy to achieve your goals. We then provide hard data each month to prove where our combined efforts are succeeding and where there is room for improvement. And if our agreed strategy isn't producing the results we set out and agreed upon, we say so and do something about it.

Dalemedia's superb Website Support Packages, from just £49/month...

Website support & maintenance packages - from £49/month

We also recognise that your new website is an 'organic' tool that must constantly adapt to your business needs and those of your customers.

That's why, on a practical level, we offer ongoing maintenance and support to keep your site content fresh and up-to-date - changing images, writing new articles and adding new website features on request.

For a simple monthly direct debit (and with no nasty contractual surprises hidden away inside), we offer a range of website support and maintenance packages, each tailored around your business goals and your budget. Our most popular website support package costs just £49 per month.

Here's what's included:

For comprehensive details, and a bespoke support solution tailored to your needs and your budget, call us today on 01706 345648.

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