Click for more information on Dalemedia's Web Marketing Training Packages!
Click for more information on Dalemedia's Web Marketing Training Packages!

Why Do I Need A Website Marketing Course?


Author: Mark Birkett

If you are running a business in the 21st Century, you will already know the value of ranking well in search engine results pages. However, the chances are that you won't know exactly how to improve your rankings, nor how to 'convert' site visitors into real customers, and probably still less about how to monitor ongoing performance so that costly mistakes aren't made over and over again.

Web Marketing Course - 2 Days for £299 - with Dalemedia

Many of you will also struggle when it comes to judging whether your web design company, or SEO company, is actually doing anything useful for the monthly fee you may be paying them. With the knowledge we teach you, we will take the mystery out of SEO, leaving you back where you belong; in charge of your business. When harnessed to a clearly-defined Web marketing strategy, your knowledge will make a significant difference to the number of business leads you generate and 'convert' from your website.

Our Web Marketing Course can help you...

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