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Why Do I Need A Web Video On My Website?


Author: Mark Birkett

(See also: Web Video Packages from £599)

Why Web Video?

Web video is becoming increasingly popular on business websites in the UK. That's because a well-produced video allows you to communicate directly to your website visitors in a way that text-only websites simply can't. And it can significantly increase your website-visitor-to-sales-enquiry conversion rate.

Your website video will completely change the way your visitors judge your business. For the first time, you will be able to demonstrate your products or services 'in motion'. And the same video can also be used for in-house training, seminars, exhibitions and CD-ROM giveaways.

Television advertisers have known all about the power of video for decades; you should know and use it too. After all, we live in the day and age of YouTube, where any business can now effectively become a 'broadcaster' in their own right.

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Are web videos truly effective?

Yes, without doubt. Studies show that end users will retain approximately 80% more of your information if it's presented in video form. (try our assertion yourself as you watch our own Welcome Video).

What's more, a professionally-made video will inspire your customers to buy from you because, at last, they can actually see what you're offering. They'll enjoy a truly immersive multimedia experience of all your business has to offer, which will help to generate a more enquiries, leading to more sales and a healthier bottom line.

(See also: Web Video Packages from £599)

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