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Why Do I Need A Website?


Author: Mark Birkett

Short History Lesson re: Websites!

We are all getting so used to the all-pervasive 'World Wide Web' that one forgets that it is barely more than two decades old. As you might know, it was invented by Britain's very own Sir Tim Berners Lee in 1989.

Only a handful of websites existed in those 'early days'. In fact, only twenty years ago (the year President Bill Clinton took office) there were only fifty live websites. Now there are some four hundred million.

But how important Is It to have a business website?

Well, many of you may not see the use for having a personal website since the advent of Facebook, Twitter and other 'social media' platforms, but we would certainly argue that anyone running a business simply has to have a web presence. In this day and age, wthout an effective web presence you run the serious risk of being out of business before long. Whether one loves the technology race or not, the fact remains that literally billions of pounds worth of business is now done directly or indirectly via the Web. And it is increasing every month.

A great website can save you money And make you money!

The key point is this; the real beauty of having a business website is that it is so cost-effective. Think about it the costs of setting up a high-street retail outlet. Now think of the overheads, the local authority rates, the heating, the lighting, the insurance...and so on.

Now compare those costs with setting up the 'virtual' equivalent. For a tiny fraction of the cost of your high-street presence, your website is working for you 24/7, allowing you to advertise your products and services worldwide.

With Dalemedia's help you can even take credit card payments online, and with high levels of security, selling what you have to offer to literally millions of customers. And almost all those customers would be highly unlikely to be able to visit your 'real world' outlet.

Add a Facebook Business Page to your 'web footprint':

Once built, your site can also link to a Facebook Business page, allowing potential customers to find you using standard search facilities like Google and Facebook's own search engine.

Add a Twitter Business Account to your 'web footprint':

With Twitter's amazingly powerful reach, you can 'tweet' special offers and latest news items absolutely FREE, each of which can be displayed on your website - helping to build your 'authority' and a real sense of 'community' amongst your customers with hitherto-unthinkable speed.

Convinced of a website's value?

Great! Then why not call us today on 01706 345648 to see how Dalemedia can help your business make a genuine, measurable and lasting contribution to your bottom line?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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